Company History and Patents

In 1986, our company founder, Ron Krieg, developed and patented soil freezing applications for the containment of such dangerous contaminates as radioactive waste. The early years of operation were built on Mr. Krieg’s extensive construction experience for Bechtel Corporation and on the loyalty of people whom he had come to know in the industry.

Soon after, James Quitslund, a Harvard Graduate, Oxford Rhoads Scholar, joined Ron in developing and marketing the patented technology to “Super Fund” sites such as Hanford, Savanna River, Oak Ridge and Los Alamos National Laboratories and others.

Led by Krieg and Quitslund, and in partnership with the University of Washington,  RKK, Ltd. received the rights to eight U.S. patents, seven of which relate to the use of frozen soil for containment, isolation, mobilization, removal and/or remediation of hazardous or radioactive materials in the earth. RKK, Ltd. was also granted patents in Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Greece, India, Israel, New Zealand, South Africa, Spain, and Taiwan.

In 1998, RKK-SoilFreeze Technologies was formed to introduce ground freezing into the civil construction market.

In 2002 RKK-SoilFreeze Technologies merged with Cascadia Civil, Inc (a Seattle based civil construction company) giving the company the expertise and equipment necessary to greatly expand its capacity. 

In 2010, the current company, SoilFreeze, Inc., was formed bringing “in-house” one of the nation’s top design engineering teams. SoilFreeze Inc. continues to expand its design and construction capacities developing the versatility and mobility for which SoilFreeze is now known. 

SoilFreeze developed, obtained, or has exclusive rights to the following U.S. Patents:  #4,860,544-CRYOCELL (issued Aug. 29, 1989, 84 claims), #4,974,425-CRYOCELL (issued Dec. 4, 1990, 24 claims) C, #5,050,386-ISOCELL (issued Sept. 24, 1991, 24 claims) C.I.P.#5,324,137-CRYOSWEEP (issued June 28, 1994, 35 claims)#5,507,149-CRYOCELL (issued Apr. 16, 1996, 19 claims)#5,551,799-CRYOSWEEP (issued Sept. 3, 1996, 32 claims) C.I.P.

The most recent and most widely used SoilFreeze patent pending technology, gives SoilFreeze Inc the ability to concentrate the freeze process well below the ground surface without freezing the soils above.

  • # US 2013/0277017 A1 - ZoneFreeze  (issued 10/24/2013, 12 claims) C.I.P.





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