Our team of highly trained and experienced professionals is dedicated to providing the highest quality product for our clients.  We have the expertise and ability to implement the most advanced, “cutting edge” ground freeze systems in the world.

Larry Applegate, President, is a national authority on the practical applications of soil freezing and the construction of soil freeze systems. He holds a degree in Construction Management from Washington State University and has over 25 years of experience in heavy civil construction. Larry’s expertise in ground freezing comes from years of on-site experience successfully completing ground freezing projects and working closely with industry-leading professionals. His practical approach in applying soil freezing solutions has allowed his clients to complete a wide range of projects economically and expeditiously.

Aaron K. McCain, Vice President/Chief Engineer, has been involved in the design and construction of ground freezing shoring projects since 2007. Prior to joining SoilFreeze, Aaron worked as a consulting geotechnical engineer for 12 years. As part of the frozen soil shoring design, Aaron utilizes advanced numerical modeling methods, including thermal, seepage and structural analysis (2D and 3D) of the frozen soil walls. Frozen soil shoring projects completed by Aaron include deep shafts for TBM rescue and access, soil stabilization outside TBM portals, pump stations, manholes, basement shoring for buildings, and shoring for groundwater cutoff at remediation sites. Aaron has a Masters degree in geotechnical engineering from Brigham Young University.


Daniel W. Mageau, Ground Freezing Consultant, is a geotechnical engineer with over 35 years of practical experience with a wide range of civil projects, including foundations for buildings, bridges, port facilities and utilities. He has developed a specialized expertise in ground freezing and has designed all of the projects completed by SoilFreeze since 1997. Dan obtained his Masters degree in frozen soil and worked in Alaska for years prior to working with SoilFreeze. Dan has since retired and occasionally is used as a consultant with SoilFreeze on various projects. He uses the latest in finite element modeling to analyze thermal and structural performance of frozen soil shoring. Dan is also a very practical engineer and brings his vast experience to each ground freezing job. He has written numerous articles and technical papers on ground freezing.





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